Craftsmen in Creative Foil and Embossing

Paper is the first face a product or company shows the customer whether it’s the poster you see, the package you unwrap, the memento you keep.

But printing is only half the job. Embossing, die cutting and final fabrication take the raw materials from finely designed potential to the final, memorable product.

Paper is flat, but we make it curve and gleam. Foil uses colour and shine to draw and keep the eye. Texture brings undeniable elegance to a printed product and compels you to stop and touch. 

Gryphon Graphics Inc. brings over twenty years of experience to British Columbian printers. Originally focused on quality letterpress printing, Gryphon Graphics has grown to include foil stamping, embossing, and die cutting, expanding the range of ways that we can embellish, shape and complete your end product. Possibilities include:

  • Textured business cards with eye-catching shine.
  • Embossed artwork that captures each delicate curve on quality paper.
  • Professional stationery and media presentation folders requiring hand-forming.
  • Product packaging embellishment and assembly for luxury product packaging.
  • Custom stationery, embossed and pressed, for business correspondence or wedding invitations.
  • Advertising designed for poster campaigns, pop-up displays, menus and promotional product tags.


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8-3260 Viking Way, Richmond, BC